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Testing Facilities

The hospital will be better suited for detecting a synthetic sample than any other facility. The hospital will also likely fail to fulfill its full responsibilities when it comes to checking the person of the subject, leaving the opportunity for smuggling in another subject’s sample. because they have the shampoo that can detox you. Many items even report the hospital not only failing to pat them down but also failing to request the subject empty their pockets.

The last facility type is the most feared by the seasoned subject. Facilities exist that have been designed with drug testing in place. They have staff that is continuously trained on the latest methods of deception used by test subjects. The team has often received some coaching or training from a person who has successfully cheated a drug test in the past.

These facilities also have engineering measures in place to assist in the detection of attempted cheating. These include two-way mirrors and even closed-circuit televisions. Some of the better-funded facilities will even place undercover employees in the waiting room who pose as test subjects to gain a secret advantage. These facilities offer a premium service to large employers in specific areas that terrify anyone with a secret drug use issue.

If you don’t know how to pass very easily you should check out and review what is the best synthetic urine to pass a drug test. Taking out all of the obstacles for failing the test should be your first priority. Let’s take off all of the training wheels and get straight to the point. If you fail, you may lose your job. Don’t take that chance.

The facility will arrive on location at the employer’s office or job site in the form of a giant van, bus, or RV conversion. This vehicle will pull right up, and the test subject will be escorted to it by a company employee. Once in the car, the question will have little chance to cheat in any of the ways discussed.

While drug tests have been designed with the thought of deterring possible cheaters, they are not perfect. It seems where there is a will there is a way, as they say. Although to the average person this article may seem a bit far-fetched, all of this information is real.

People who struggle with drug addiction will go to great lengths to avoid detection. Most would say this is merely so they can continue to use drugs. Others know the unfortunate truth is that the subjects motivation to cheat is often a deep fear of the shame associated with being labeled a drug addict.


In addition to taking lots of fluids, consider taking a large dose of Vitamin B2, which is available in multivitamins of the B-complex category. Taking it in large doses will change the color of the urine to yellow. Contrary to popular belief, clear watery urine will make the lab test personnel suspicious, and in some cases, they might reject the sample for being too clean and watery. In such a case, they might give you a second chance to produce more urine.

If this happens, wait until you have your test results ready before engaging in compromising behavior. To boost your urine output, you can take diuretics which influence urination. Some of the safe diuretics include cranberry juice, coffee some over-the-counter drugs, and certain food products.

A drug test that comes up too soon might require you to take more potent diuretics which are prescribed for high blood pressure. They include furosemide, which is unfortunately only available on prescription in the U.S. but can be bought from the pharmacy in Mexico. However, they are dangerous when used by specific groups of people like pregnant women and might result in more complications if taken for a long time. Diuretics can, however, be discovered in urine, but fortunately, they are only tested for athletes.

Alternatively, another way how to pass a drug test is to take a dose of 80mg of Lasix, drink a generous amount of water and urinate as many times as possible. After three or four times of peeing, take the rest of the Laxis. If you had not smoked too much marijuana, the chances are that your system will be clean for a couple of days and you will pass the drug test. For regular smokers, they should allow the Laxis to work for about two weeks before the test.

Use Aspirin

Some reports claim that aspirin lowers the signals of the assay used in the testing for metabolites in a drug test. This leads to results that show a false-negative result. The chances of getting a negative drug test can be increased by taking 1.3g or aspirin 5 hours before a test. However, this does not mean that your first urine will be safe for testing. Remember to pee three to four times before collecting a sample.

Can you Use Soap and Bleach?

While some people still believe that soaps like dishwasher detergents can compromise their urine sample and give a negative result, the truth is that it may spell doom for you from the very beginning. The additives may not change the color of your urine, but the chances are that it will create a bubble when being transferred to a test tube. Any scientist in their right mind will be suspicious of bubbling urine.  Instead of using this long way, work on flushing out the toxins out of your body before the testing day.

Some Quick Options

For same day testing, make use of fast-acting body system cleaners to flush out toxins and metabolites from your system. If the test is coming up in 3-5 days, look for a permanent body cleanser that can get rid of toxins entirely until they are re-introduced into the body. The solvents are available from the pharmacy and come in pairs to help you verify that your system is completely cleansed. If your test is in 30-45 days, taking lots of liquids, engaging in exercise and eating healthy foods will do you good. To confirm the status of your blood system, get a home test kit to verify. Check the actual concentration and reaction time. You can keep yourself safe by taking up some computer video games that can help determine if you have any cognitive impairment due to fatigue, drugs, or stress. You do not want to have surprise test that you have not prepared for on the day of testing.

Avoid Giving Excuses

The worst thing you can do if your results turn positive is to give excuse and appear like you are trying to justify the results. It is a very difficult task to challenge results that turn out positive. There are many cases of lab workers being wrongly accused of false positives, which have led them to be extra cautious in exercising proper care. Most of them perform the first test then confirm it with a more accurate gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, which has very low chances of producing false positives. In any case, the cases of false negatives are more, in which drug use is not detected. The sensitivity of the test depends on the number of metabolites it is set to detect.

You want to keep off giving excuses when your tests come out positive. It is highly uncommon for most of the devices used in testing to produce a false positive of marijuana. Previously, ibuprofen used to interfere with the results, but this problem has since been eliminated. One excuse to avoid is that your results turned positive because of passive smoking of marijuana, especially if it hits the 50ng/ml level. It is only in very extreme, yet rare cases that a non-smoker can have such high levels of the substance in the body for their test to turn positive. In such a case, the person might have been locked up in a room full of smokers for over an hour. Passive smoking can only show up to 25ng/ml or lower.

Keep off Drugs for Sometime

Urine drug tests are the easiest to beat, but a blood test might not be so easy to win over. The easiest and most effective way of beating a drug test is to keep off drugs for some time before the test. However, this might require 30 days or more, in which time you should take a diet high in fibre and also increase your water intake. However, if your test is coming up in a few hours, that might not be possible, and the next best approach would be to but a detox kit from the local pharmacy or chew on supplements.

When trying to figure out how to pass a drug test, remember that there are some risk factors involved. Getting caught is just one of them. When using synthetic urine or swapped samples, you could get into trouble. Labs are constantly evolving, and they are coming up with ways to detect samples that have been adulterated or tampered with to alter the results. Other options out there as suggested by friends and drug users might not work as effectively. After all, is said and done, the best and most reliable way to pass a drug test is to keep off drugs.