How do Keurig and Drip Coffee Makers Differ From Each Other: The Challenges Faces by Keurig

For any coffee lover, a coffee maker is something which ties themselves to their heart. The coffee makers are something which would be an utmost concern of your life. Even for individual who drink coffee occasionally can have the thought of coffee makers. Currently, there are two categories of coffee makers ruling the market. They are the pod (Keurig) coffee makers and the traditional (drip) coffee makers.

Keurig Coffee Makers

This brand which produced the best Keurig coffee makers had single-handedly revolutionized the coffee brewing mostly focused on home and office coffee brewing market. This coffee maker is mostly a single pot maker which means you can instantly make a cup of coffee for yourself. Also, the technological advent has made them proficient in building coffee makers which are automatic and can not only handle basic coffee variants but also around 250+ variants of coffee.

The Challenges Faced by Keurig

Although, since the last decade, the K-cups had not just posed the problem to an individual but also major ecological challenges, but the company claims that the current K-cups in the market are reusable and hence cater both the individualistic costing problems and the environmental issues. When compared to the standard drip coffee makers, this company has been able to make a significant market capitalization, thereby ranking itself as second in the American market.

According to the latest survey, they hold around 25 percent of the coffee drinking market in America and around 4 percent globally. Over the recent times, the Keurig has been facing the major challenge to keep up with their market share due to the competition posed by brands like Starbucks. The single brewed coffee although had ruled over the market over the decades, yet the costing and reusability issue had posed them a major challenge to the market.

Benefits of Keurigs

When compared to the drip coffee maker market they lose their market share since this product helps to provide coffee in large amount. The major benefits of the Keurig coffee makers are –

  • You can get coffee instantly that is within a time span varying from 1-3 minutes. Check out this review by
  • You don’t have to drink coffee prepared a long time back; instead, you can prepare it instantly and get your hot coffee.
  • They provide large variants of flavors to meet the taste of each and every customer of theirs.

Drip Coffee Makers

An automatic drip machine is the most common type of coffee making the machine which beats even the best Keurig coffee makers. Most of the coffee drinkers in America prefer to have them at home or office. They rank the top in the American market with more than 25 percent market share. The speed and the convenience of brewing a coffee bean provide them an edge to capture the market and get into the heart of millions of American. Most interestingly, they are priced at a very low rate of around $30 which is quite less when compared to that of Keurig coffee makers which would cost somewhere around $90.

Benefits of Drip Coffee Makers

Though, they face a major disadvantage because of the less number of variants in taste you can get but are much better than the Keurig. The major benefits of the drip coffee maker are –

  • They are priced low and hence are easily affordable for the coffee lovers.
  • They provide the fast and efficient method to brew coffee.
  • One can brew an average of 6-8 cups of coffee at an instant.

The Last Words

Both the brands rule the world. But the drip coffee makers have an edge even when compared to the best Keurig coffee makers. But one can ignore the minor differences between these brands and can select according to their wish list.