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How Do Keurigs And Drip Coffee Makers Compare

How do Keurig and Drip Coffee Makers Differ From Each Other: The Challenges Faces by Keurig

For any coffee lover, a coffee maker is something which ties themselves to their heart. The coffee makers are something which would be an utmost concern of your life. Even for individual who drink coffee occasionally can have the thought of coffee makers. Currently, there are two categories of coffee makers ruling the market. They are the pod (Keurig) coffee makers and the traditional (drip) coffee makers.

Keurig Coffee Makers

This brand which produced the best Keurig coffee makers had single-handedly revolutionized the coffee brewing mostly focused on home and office coffee brewing market. This coffee maker is mostly a single pot maker which means you can instantly make a cup of coffee for yourself. Also, the technological advent has made them proficient in building coffee makers which are automatic and can not only handle basic coffee variants but also around 250+ variants of coffee.

The Challenges Faced by Keurig

Although, since the last decade, the K-cups had not just posed the problem to an individual but also major ecological challenges, but the company claims that the current K-cups in the market are reusable and hence cater both the individualistic costing problems and the environmental issues. When compared to the standard drip coffee makers, this company has been able to make a significant market capitalization, thereby ranking itself as second in the American market.

According to the latest survey, they hold around 25 percent of the coffee drinking market in America and around 4 percent globally. Over the recent times, the Keurig has been facing the major challenge to keep up with their market share due to the competition posed by brands like Starbucks. The single brewed coffee although had ruled over the market over the decades, yet the costing and reusability issue had posed them a major challenge to the market.

Benefits of Keurigs

When compared to the drip coffee maker market they lose their market share since this product helps to provide coffee in large amount. The major benefits of the Keurig coffee makers are –

  • You can get coffee instantly that is within a time span varying from 1-3 minutes. Check out this review by Coffeemakersadvisor.com
  • You don’t have to drink coffee prepared a long time back; instead, you can prepare it instantly and get your hot coffee.
  • They provide large variants of flavors to meet the taste of each and every customer of theirs.

Drip Coffee Makers

An automatic drip machine is the most common type of coffee making the machine which beats even the best Keurig coffee makers. Most of the coffee drinkers in America prefer to have them at home or office. They rank the top in the American market with more than 25 percent market share. The speed and the convenience of brewing a coffee bean provide them an edge to capture the market and get into the heart of millions of American. Most interestingly, they are priced at a very low rate of around $30 which is quite less when compared to that of Keurig coffee makers which would cost somewhere around $90.

Benefits of Drip Coffee Makers

Though, they face a major disadvantage because of the less number of variants in taste you can get but are much better than the Keurig. The major benefits of the drip coffee maker are –

  • They are priced low and hence are easily affordable for the coffee lovers.
  • They provide the fast and efficient method to brew coffee.
  • One can brew an average of 6-8 cups of coffee at an instant.

The Last Words

Both the brands rule the world. But the drip coffee makers have an edge even when compared to the best Keurig coffee makers. But one can ignore the minor differences between these brands and can select according to their wish list.

Cappuccino Espresso Maker

What is capuccino espresso

The coffee made by Cappuccino espresso maker is very special. A cappuccino espresso is an Italian coffee drink mixed cappuccino with some hot milk and steamed-milk froth. On the top of cappuccino is often covered with foamed milk. It is made in a steam-producing espresso machine. At first, espresso should be poured into the bottom third of the cup. And then you should add a similar amount of hot milk into the cup. The top third of the drink consists of firm milk. The foam is often drawn with an artistic shape. For a better flavour, you can sprinkle a little chocolate, sugar, cinnamon or other spices onto the top of the drink. You need a teaspoon to enjoy the coffee.

How to make cappuccino espresso

To make a cup of espresso, you should leave enough water in the espresso machine to steam some milk.

Secondly, you need to put espresso in a 5 ounce or larger cup so that you have room for the milk.

And then, you’d better add 3 ounce cold milk to the glass and insert the steam nozzle.

Place nozzle halfway down in milk and leave it in milk for 45 to 60 seconds, or until the milk is hot and there’s enough foam for your preference.

Add 1.5 ounce steamed milk to the cup of espresso.

Spoon some foamed milk onto the top. If you like, sprinkle with ground chocolate, cinnamon or nutmeg.

How to buy a cappuccino espresso maker

There are so many types of cappuccino espresso maker for you to choose. A right type of this coffee maker may produce the coffee according to your favour. Moreover, factors like the kitchen space and budget need to be considered while buying a coffee machine.

If you want the best flavor, then you can go for a Mocha pot that makes black espresso without foam or froth. Or you can pick up a French press which makes thick and sometimes granular coffee by hand.

You’d better decide if you have the space and cash for big, deluxe piston style coffee machine. Or you just want to need a compact and economical one. Basic espresso machines can be anywhere around USD 100 to 500, while the professional and European stainless steel piston types come for a price of USD 1000 or higher.

Best cappuccino espresso makers reviews

Mr. Cappuccino Espresso Maker

This machine from Morphy Richards makes espresso, cappuccino and latte. It can produce six cup of espresso. And it is easy to clean heated milk frother, that makes cleaning coffee maker an easy job. It has an elegant graphite and stainless steel body. This product is very reasonably priced.

DeLonghi EC140B Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

The price of this product is about USD 165. This is a high quality product that comes for a low price. This product is better than many Krups and other models. It has a special sempre crema filter holder which produces great quality cream.

DeLonghi BCO264 Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

This machine from DeLonghi can make espresso and coffee at the same time. It also can make cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate. This cappuccino espresso maker mixes steam, air and milk and gives a nice creamy frothy cappuccino. It comes around a price of USD 180. It is one of the best espresso maker.

Stovetop Espresso Maker

What is stovetop espresso maker

Stovepot espresso maker also known as the moka pot or Italian coffee pot. It is uesd to produce strong espresso coffee. The stovetop espresso maker is still the most popular way of making espresso at home. It works on the principle of creating pressure through heat to force water through finely ground coffee. The famous Italian stovetop espresso coffee maker is a steam power. It is made of aluminium. A stovetop espresso maker can be found in every Italian house. It is also very welcome in Europe. The stovetop espresso maker comes in various sizes ranging from three, six, nine, to twelve cups.

The features of a stovetop espresso maker

It is polished aluminum construction with high quality.

Also it has pressure release valve on the purpose of safety.
A stovetop espresso maker has several different types with the ranges of single, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 cup sizes (based on 2 ounce cups). It is made in Italian.

How to make espresso with a stovetop maker

First thing you need to do is filling the bottom chamber with cold water up to the steam release valve. Then you have to insert the funnel filter and fill it with espresso ground coffee. Make sure the flat round filter plate and the rubber gasket are in place underneath the central column of the espresso maker.

Secondly, you need to tighten the top, but not too hard. Then put it on the stovetop with enough heat to cover the bottom. The heat should be in control. When you hear machine gurgling, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool for 30 seconds.

Finally, you can use a spoon to churn the coffee, then enjoy it.

Directions and protections for stovetop espresso maker

The function of emergency steam release valve is to open a way for the steam to escape if it can’t go through coffee grounds. This can ensure the life span of the stovetop espresso maker.

When metal handles and surfaces get hot, you can use a pot holder to handle this machine. You should be careful when you use it. Especially, you should place it where children cannot touch.

When you use it, you need to keep the heat source low. This can help prevent discoloration and damage to the handle and other parts. Over time, some discoloration of the metal may occur. This is because the repetitive heating and natural effects of water erosin. Some heat spots can be cleaned by using silver. You can polish the stainless steel. The use of a diffuser will keep the heat lower, though it will take a bit longer for the stovetop espresso maker to heat.

To keep stovetop espresso maker in good condition, you can wash all the parts with hot soap water. Occasionally, you need wash the inside of stovetop espresso maker to remove mineral deposits.

In brief, you can make a cup of espresso coffee with stovetop espresso maker easily.

Bialetti espresso maker

Bialetti espresso maker is a well-known brand. It means the “High Quality Made in Italy”. The product of Bialetti becomes icon of Italian design. Bialetti coffee maker revolutionizes the way of making coffee.

The history of Bialetti

Bialetti appeared in 1919. The founder, Alfonso Bialetti started a workshop in Verbania to make semi-manufactured aluminium products. Later on, with his business mind, he changed his workshop into a studio for the designing and selling finished goods. With the ambition of his son Renato, he changed the way of making coffee at home. Rapidly, he set up the company as one of the ruling coffee makers in Italy. In 1933, Bialetti espresso maker was invented. Nowadays, Bialetti espresso maker is popular all over the world.

How to use a Bialetti espresso maker for a perfect espresso

They say that you can’t achieve a better taste for espresso without a classic aluminum espresso maker. Such a espresso maker made by Bialetti is most recommended. Let’s take a look at how to use a Bialetti espresso maker for a wonderful espresso.

The first thing is to make sure that you mill the coffee properly. It should be a fine milling. It is also known as espresso grind.

Secondly, you need to open up your espresso maker and fill the bottom part with the pure cold water. The level of water should be up to about the pressure valve. Sometime there is a fill line as well.

Now you can put the middle cup into the bottom. In the meantime, you need to spoon the ground coffee into it. If you want a smaller and bitter brew with more caffeine, you need to add more ground coffee into it.Then you need to screw on the top part tightly. You may need to use a towel to enforce the top. You should be hard enough to keep it from leaking. The steam pressure constitutes and drives the water up through the espresso grounds.Also you have to place the particular device on the stove. Do not forget to turn on the burner. So it can stay in the range of the espresso maker’s bottom. If it gets hot slowly, a lot of the water will escape before becoming espresso. If it is too much hot, the espresso will be a little bit bitter. Besides, you may get scalded by its surface. Therefore, you should balance the standard of coffee grounds and water.

Last, you must take the espresso off the heat as soon as it starts gurgling. Or the afterheat may destroy the flavour. By now, you can pour immediately into your cup and enjoy it.

Advantage of Bialetti espresso maker

First of all, Bialetti is one of the world’s advanced manufactures. They have technique to support their production. You do not need to worry about the security issue.

Secondly, Bialetti espresso maker can work effectively and steadily.

Last but most important, Bialetti espresso maker is very easy for you to handle. You do not need to go to coffeehouse anymore. You enjoy the nice flavour of espresso at home.

Best Espresso Coffee Maker

Definition and origin of espresso coffee

Espresso coffee is a type of coffee with strong taste, it is made with special espresso coffee maker. It has a more dense texture and contains a higher dissolved substances compared with the drip coffee, it is usually calculated by “shot”. The chemical composition of espresso coffee is complex and changeable. Many of these components will be decomposed due to temperature decreasing or oxidation. You can easily get a cup of espresso coffee from some espresso coffee machine.

It is invented and developed in Italy in the early 20th century, it is a single drink produced by the vapor pressure until the mid 1940s. It is transformed into today’s espresso drinks with the production of spring piston lever coffee machine, and then it is commercialized successfully.

Peculiarities of espresso coffee

If be made correctly, there will be some crema, a kind of reddish-brown foam, floating on the surface of the espresso coffee. The crema is made of vegetable oil, protein and carbohydrates. It has combined both of the emulsion and foam colloid. The espresso coffee has unique flavor due to the short-time and high-pressure brewing process and the taste is denser than some other drip coffee. However, caffeine is also less as a result of short-time boiling. The espresso coffee is usually used as base of some other drinks, such as latte, cappuccino, mocha and Qiya, without diluting coffee ingredients overly.

Structure of espresso maker

It seems that the components of espresso maker are complex, but actually, it is very easy to understand. It has a cell used to store the water, and then the pump will pump the water out from this cell to heating chamber. The heating chamber is a strong stainless steel structure, there is a heating device placed in the grooves in the bottom. This thermal resistance device is a simple metal coil, similar to filament of the light bulb. That means once get though the power, it can get hot. The coil is embedded in the rubber tube which makes it more durable. Heating chamber has a one-way valve, which can only pump the water into the heating room and will not return from the heating chamber to the pump.

Filter of the espresso coffee maker is used to put the movable parts of coffee powder. There is a small removable net in the pressure filling device, used to place the coffee powder. The espresso will be out from two exits at the bottom. Steam wand is used to heat and make the foam for different espresso drinks. When the users adjust the valve to the steam position, the milk will be pumped from the bar by the team caused by heating container. Control panel of the espresso maker includes switches, two lights and a control valve. It also has two fine-tuning switch, they control the pump and heating device, respectively.

How does espresso maker work?

Firstly, I want to tell you some important but changeable factors during the making process of the espresso coffee. They are the temperature, pressure, the fineness and compaction of coffee powder, etc. The espresso makers must control these factors.

For this type of espresso coffee machine, coffee is placed in a funnel-shaped metal container. Put some water into it, and then cover it tightly. During the heating process of water, the container will generate pressure inside. The pressure will be released though a tube, and then the coffee, and come out finally from the top of tube. Since the end of the tube is in the water, pressures impel hot water upward flow along the pipe. This kind of espresso makers have several disadvantages, for example, the pressure of the system depends on water temperature, and temperature caused by pressure may be higher than the desired temperature.

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